Quitting smoking is easier than you think

with the help of Picture Quitting, the entertainment industry's quit smoking program.

Picture Quitting provides the tools and the support network to put you in control, and help you quit smoking successfully.

Our success rate is 55% after six months, which is more than twice the national average according to a study in the American Journal of Health Behavior1.

If you are eligible* and ready to join the thousands of entertainment industry members who have quit smoking, call 818-526-7644 or talk with your Motion Picture Television Fund (MPTF) physician to obtain a referral to the program today!

*To be eligible to enroll, you must receive a referral from an MPTF physician. Also, you must currently have health insurance coverage through the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans (MPIPHP), Directors Guild of America (DGA), or be a DreamWorks employee.

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How Picture Quitting Can Help!"

How the Program Works

Picture Quitting offers approximately six weeks of counseling: individual, group, telephone, email, or webcam. You also receive follow-up phone calls for one year. All counseling sessions are free. The first couple of visits with Picture Quitting prepare you to quit smoking. You and your counselor will choose a "Quit Day," so don't feel that you have to walk in on day one and quit.

Picture Quitting also provides smoking cessation medications for a small copay. At the first visit, you will learn about medication options so you, your counselor, and MPTF physician can work together to determine which choices are right for you.

For more information, please call us at 818-526-7644 or talk with your MPTF physician.

Picture Quitting was launched by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) in association with the Motion Picture & Television Fund (MPTF) and with support from the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans (MPIPHP) as the first industry-led smoking cessation program ever offered in the United States that combines free counseling with low cost medication.

1 Nides M, Hund L, Carothers S, McCausland K, Duke J, Xiao H, Balaoing M, Dale L, Healton C. "Hollywood Quits" - Behind the scenes of a Hollywood-based smoking cessation program. American Journal of Health Behavior 2007;31(6):705-18